Executive Summary

Credore provides a blockchain powered capital marketplace to enable real-world assets to gain access to financing. Credore will also enable crypto investors to lend against real world assets and will provide sustainable yield opportunities.

Traditional finance facilitates borrowers to use real world assets as collateral to obtain short and long term financing. For example, in trade finance business documents such as invoices, warehouse receipts and letter of credits are used as collateral to avail loans. Currently in the decentralised finance space, one can borrow stablecoins by overcollateralization of other cryptocurrencies. This limitation is one of the major deterrent factors for institutional borrowers since they are not ready to use cryptocurrencies on a regular basis.

Credore is building a blockchain powered defi protocol and a debt marketplace by expanding the digital economy through undercollateralized lending for institutional borrowers. Credore protocol would offer every participant a transparent and efficient lending and borrowing deal entirely executed on blockchain. Credore protocol is on a mission to harness a vast pool of stablecoin liquidity and make it available for institutional borrowers. Lenders will have sustainable yield opportunities from diversified lending pools of institutional borrowers. The ecosystem will also offer the institutional borrowers to manage the lending pools, perform due diligence and set terms with their end borrowers.

The ecosystem will be governed by CRD token that will enable token holders to participate in governance, share in fee revenues, and stake insurance to Lending Pools as a first loss provider.

Hence, by removing the need for crypto collateral and providing a means for passive yield, the Credore ecosystem dramatically expands both the potential borrowers who can access crypto and the potential capital providers who can gain exposure.

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